Media software development

Innovative software development services for the media industry.

Our experts work with you from ideation to delivery, creating robust architecture and captivating user interfaces that engage and fascinate your audience.

With in-depth knowledge of the media industry’s specific needs and workflows and an understanding of the intricacies of media production processes, resource management, budgeting, and more, we can tailor solutions that align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Resource Scheduling

Build a plan board to help you plan all parts of the production process, from pre to post to the tiniest detail. Keep track of all your company’s resources and their availability, follow up on each step of your production plan and use the planning board to create call sheets automatically with your own customized templates.


Develop a tool to write scripts and create breakdown strips for your stripboard. Based on your schedule, you can optimise your planning even further to the availability of people and assets.


Do you need to create a budget, manage forecasts, match incoming invoices to the working budget, and draw expense notes in one place? Turn these numbers into reports for your management team & customers. Our workflows will make follow-up easy for every department involved in your production.


Do you do casting? Get a registration portal for castings, audience recruitment, candidate enrolment and even job interviews, with adjustable question sets and an accessible online publication without additional effort.

Script Writing

Do you need to write scripts for drama, entertainment, advertisements or music shows? We can develop a script-writing module. With a database of script templates for drama, music, advertising, or entertainment, we will develop what you need.


With LogicApps, we can set up integration with any set of systems, websites, apps, APIs or products. Think accounting, human resource systems, payroll or websites… we will integrate and migrate it to the cloud.
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