Application Integration

If you are looking to streamline data flow, automate business processes, and ensure real-time event handling, we are your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence.

Explore our offerings below to discover how iBoris can transform your business.

Streamline Data Flow

Unlock the potential of seamless data flow with Logic Apps. Our integration team designs workflows to move, transform, and synchronise data across your systems effortlessly.

Automate Business Processes

Boost efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and business processes. Our solutions empower your organisation to automate workflows, reducing manual effort and errors.

Connect Your Applications

Bridge the gap between your applications and services. We specialise in creating integrations that enable your software ecosystem to communicate seamlessly, improving overall productivity.

Real-time Event Handling

Stay responsive with real-time event-driven Logic Apps. We build event-driven workflows that trigger actions instantly, ensuring your systems are always up to date.

Data Transformation & Enrichment

Enhance your data by transforming and enriching it on the fly. iBoirs will help you to clean, enrich, and standardise data as it flows through your integration pipelines.

Error Handling & Monitoring

Keep your integrations robust with error handling and monitoring. Implement error recovery strategies and utilise monitoring solutions to ensure your integrations run smoothly and reliably.
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