Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer when visiting a website. Cookies allow websites to recognise your device when you make a return visit.

We use several types of cookies on the iBoris website. Some are essential, like cookies that ensure our website works properly with your browser. They always need to be on.

Some cookies you can opt out of or block entirely. Opting out or blocking these cookies might affect how the website looks or works for you.

When you leave our website or click on links that take you to external websites, we can’t control what cookies they set. They will have their own cookie policy, and you will need to set your cookie preferences for those websites, too.

Why and how we use cookies

There are four reasons why a cookie might be stored on your device when visiting

  • Cookies that make the website work correctly for you and enable you to make use of the secure online services that we provide;
  • Cookies that collect data about your use of the website, which is then anonymised and used to help us improve our online services
  • Cookies that remember your preferences and make the site easier for you to use
  • Cookies that are placed by third-party services we make use of to enhance the information we present online. We have no control over these third-party cookies.

These cookies are placed on your device either by iBoris or by the third parties whose services we use as part of the website.

Some cookies are retained in your browser for only as long as you visit our website, while others persist for a longer specified or unspecified period.

Strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies we place on your browser ensure that the iBoris website delivers you information securely and optimally. You must accept these cookies to be able to make use of our online systems.

Functionality cookies

Some cookies enable websites to remember choices their users make, for example, language or text size. These cookies are known as “functionality cookies” and help to improve a user’s experience of a website by providing a more personalised service.

Performance cookies

We use a number of tools that monitor visitor behaviour on our website. The tool we use most consistently is Google Analytics. Anonymous data about your visit is collected and amalgamated with that of other visitors so we can better understand how people use our website.

You can opt out of providing us with this information if you wish, with no impact on your experience of our website. Opt out of providing us with website usage data via Google Analytics

Third party cookies

The iBoris website uses third-party services such as maps or social networking features. These services may set cookies on your device. However, you can block or remove cookies yourself by altering the settings of your browser. Blocking these cookies is unlikely to impact on your experience of our website.

How to block cookies

Most browsers allow some control of cookies through browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit

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